Entertaining Captures

So why musical entertainment?
Candidly, we find musical entertainment settings to be quite stimulating and at the same time very challenging.
The stimulation, of course, develops from the music, but the musicians passion, well that just escalates the shoot even further. The challenge, comes from testing of our skills to capture an extensive array of actions that may never be seen again. With the conflict of low lighting and rapid movements setup is a continuous adjustment to complement each angle of the staging area.

Do we shoot other action or still events?
Yes, photos required for websites, business or personal documentation. We will consider just about any venue to photograph, anything but weddings, no matter how big or small.

What is Personal Documentation?
This method is based on small venues consisting of one photographer. You will receive an exclusive photographic shoot with subjects such as yourself, family, friends or associates. We can also photograph specified scenes of architecture or horticulture, providing permission is granted by the owner(s). The time alotment can vary from one hour to a whole day, it's your choice. Editing and imaging are included.

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Equipment Usage

Yashica FX2 (1978 - present)
Nikon AF (1988 - 2002)
Nikon D1 (1999 - 2002)
Canon EOS 1D (2002 - 2006)
Canon EOS 20D (2004 - present)
Canon EOS 30D (2006 - present)
Canon EOS 60D (2010 - present)

Defining Your rights

Discover several ways to protect your rights and identify our accessible marketing criteria.

This may all sound very official, even pompous to some, but the utilization of photographs in any material, whether for print or electronic publication, requires written protection for both the client and photographer.

Specifics must be acknowledged since, at times, a customer may permit print publications of their photographs but are opposed to an electronic version. Contrary to popular trends there are still those who value their privacy.