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    So why musical entertainment?
    Candidly, we find musical entertainment settings to be quite stimulating and at the same time very challenging.
    The stimulation, of course, develops from the music, but the musicians passion, well that just escalates the shoot even further.
    The challenge, comes from testing of our skills to capture an extensive array of actions that may never be seen again. With the conflict of low lighting and rapid movements setup is a continuous adjustment to complement each angle of the staging area.

    Well that doesn't seem so demanding with modern digital photo equipment and its variable auto settings...right?
    Actually, we only shoot in manual with a large format. Yes, at times it does become trying, but the RAW captures far surpass the results of a strict imaging configuration.

    Do we shoot other action events such as sports.
    Yes, but musical entertainment is our preferred field. Weddings though are the furthest from our mind.

    Do we also shoot for venues other than action events.
    Yes. Mostly for requirements in conjunction with web developments and of course, always for pleasure.

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