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Media Designing, an attribute of multimedia, is divided into two separate categories, old and new. Old Media Design types are items such as film, television, magazines, literature or any other printed format. New Media Designs have transformed Old Media Designs into digital formats for element products of the internet, gaming and mobile media devices.  Read more

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    Designs for Musical Entertainers

    Premium Media Designs for Action Photography, Imaging, Web Development, Video Editing and Audio Productions.

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    Defining your rights with our services

    Discover several ways to protect your rights and identify our accessible marketing criteria.

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    The concepts and structure of ALIMDCO

    ALIMDCO | A Long Island Media Design Company | beyond comparison in the world of Live Musical Entertainment.

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    An email form, phone numbers, email links, a company address and a map to assist with your new or existing projects.

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Our founder

gregory bonacci
Born to parents of Italian and Yugoslavian heritage who instilled the beauty of artistic cultures.
Gregory Bonacci, also known as GregB, is an accomplished media designer with a strong proficiency in photographic arts, information technologies and audio productions. Along with his colleagues he has united the old and new theories of Media Designing for their niche of multimedia.
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