Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alimdco?

Alimdco is the dba (doing business as) of JPRocs LLC which was once an Interstate Open Bed Transport Company. Both companies where and are headed by Gregory Bonacci, CEO and Founder. You may read more details on Alimdco and JPRocs here.

Why a dba, doesn't that indicate something shady?

The utilization of a dba, in our case, stems from several instances. The first was based on a financial cost difference between disolving the original corporation of JPRocs LLC and establishing a new corporation of Alimdco or, as we did, simply institute a dba. The second intention was to create a more fluid name branding that coincides with our services, thus, Alimdco, A long Island Media Design Company. The third concept was to improve our sites SEO (search engine optimization).

How long has this designing company been operating?

Since July of 2006.

What is the average experience level of this companys' associates?

All individuals associated with the media designs of Alimdco, Studio1a and Syntax Sound, including Gregory Bonacci, have no less than 10 years experience, plus academics of IT and the Arts. GregBs' credentials for IT and photography actually began back in the late 1970's during his years of Naval Military Service.

Why are your prices for services not listed?

The greater percentage of our clients operate within a budget where it's only practical we make a sincere effort to accomodate their needs. Of course we are in business to obtain a profit and must rely on a minimum monetary standard which is not necessarily required to be disclose. Basically, if by some chance we cannot produce a clients design within their resources, than we must regrettably decline.

Contacting us

If you have any further questions not covered here please feel free to Contact Us.

Designing Services

  • Action Photography

    Proficiency in RAW captures from an experienced worldwide talent.
  • Custom Imaging

    Attention to detail and imagination for quality impressions.
  • Web Development

    A wide variety of front end and server side scripts.
  • Video Editing

    Assisting to bring dreams into reality.
  • Studio Engineered Audio

    Professional engineers and musicians for auditory excellence.