Dynamic Sounds

Studio Mastered Soundtracks engineered in precision analog and digital platforms.

Here at Syntax Sound Studio, a divison of Alimdco, we began producing audio tracks in the later part of 2009 and continuously gain respectful recognition to our talents throughout each year.
You may have heard parts or entire versions of our soundtracks in TV commercials, movie snippets or business presentations. Additionally, we are well known for editing and elevating video audio tracks to a HD (high definition) or higher quality production.
We are a smaller studio which caters to the larger media entertainment industry, but substantial enough to accomodate full orchestrations. Add to this a group of quality studio musicians, plus the dedication to advanced engineering techniques and our clients receive a proven method of excellence in each and every audio productions.

Need to score a fresh sound for your video or commercial, look no further. Our musically talented friends are also available to supply any client with the tunes they require.

Equipment Usage

Analog Reel to Reel (Tascam, Ampex)
Mixing Console (Neve, Allen & Heath, Trident)
Pre-Amp (Behringer, Sherbourn)
Pro Tools HD2, Logic Studio, Sibelius, AVID, Mixcraft6