Syntax Sound

Audio Track Productions for Video, Web, Presentations and Entertainment

Here at Syntax Sound Studio, a divison of Alimdco, we began producing audio tracks in the later part of 2009 and continuously gain respectful recognition to our talents throughout each year.


We are a smaller studio which caters to the larger media entertainment industry, but substantial enough to accomodate full orchestrations.
Add to this a group of quality studio musicians, plus the dedication to advanced engineering techniques and our clients receive a proven method of excellence in each and every audio productions.

Need to score a fresh sound for your video or commercial, look no further. Our musically talented friends are also available to supply any client with the tunes they require.

Designing Services

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    Action Photography

    Proficiency in RAW captures from an experienced worldwide talent.
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    Custom Imaging

    Attention to detail and imagination for quality impressions.
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    Web Development

    A wide variety of front end and server side scripts.
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    Video Editing

    Assisting to bring dreams into reality.
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    Studio Engineered Audio

    Professional engineers and musicians for auditory excellence.

Credits License

Our Thanks to the Artist & their contributions

Michael Bacich


Paul Wagorn

Percussion/Drums/Sound Effects/Vocals

Marty Black


Abigail Bicknell


Gregory Bonacci