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    At Alimdco (pronounced A-limd-co [A Long Island Media Design COmpany]), Studio1A and Syntax Sound we have united the old and new theories of Media Designing for our niche of multimedia.
    To us this comes quite naturally, since our designers, collectively, have over 15 years of academics and effective experience through the fields of photography, art, music and information technology (IT). Not to say we have an exclusive to this vocation, but possess a notable and respected position in our selected corner of musical entertainment.
    Though the Lead Designer and Founder of our company, Gregory Bonacci, can boast of his extensive knowledge in Media Designs he chooses, instead, to prove his success through each and every production..."Most often the dedication of quality outweighs the massive rectification of quantity."

    the history

    After concluding business with our interstate transport company in March of 2006 we restructured our corporation of JP Rocs for Web Page Design and Image Development. Since then this business has progressed to a greater clientele base with a solid recognition in the web and media communities for our niche in Musical Entertainment Media Design.
    Along the way GregB aligned himself with an array of associates and together they possess over 15 years of strong academic and practical experiences. With aptitudes in the fields of Photography, Art, IT and Audio they fulfill their client's requirements while respecting budget criteria's and maintaining a future professional alliance.
    To provide his clients with the highest project quality GregB constantly updates his awareness through consortiums and downtime practice. In 2009, discontented his knowledge outweighed his credentials, he enrolled and obtained another degree in 2012 for a major of Information Technology with minors in Web Design and Multimedia. The conclusion provided a 3.5 GPA and advanced comprehension to the IT languages of PHP, Javascript, JAVA, Visual Basic, plus all web vernaculars of HTML and CSS.
    In 2012, after years of evolution, the company made investments to enhance its technologies by adapting advanced platforms and reformatting our corporation to the present DBA (doing business as) of "Alimdco", A Long Island Media Design Company.

    the mission statement

    By constantly absorbing knowledge to the changing industry technologies Alimdco is dedicated to fulfill their client's requirements while respecting budget criteria's and maintaining a future professional alliance.

    the conclusion

    Standards of quality and secure productions at a fair price have earned GregB, along with his associates, a valued recognition in the media communities and the practice of ethical commerce for future generations.

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