About Alimdco


The original corporate structure to this company was issued in 1992 under the name of JP Rocs Transports, LLC, an interstate transport company.
In July of 2006, after suspending our fleets operations, we still utlized the name of JP Rocs for designing purposes.
The company name was converted in March of 2012 to the dba of Alimdco following successful growth of our business and client relations.More

About Our Founder


Born from a southern european lineage, Gregory Bonacci was comfortably nutured in a quite puritanic suburbian hamlet of Long Island, New York.
Though his high school academics were rather sketchy he later became disciplined to acquire various scholastic attributes in the fields of IT Sciences and The Arts.
By combining these theories he has positioned his multimedia company to service several branches of the Entertainment Industries and Individual Entertainers. Bio/Resume

Designing Services

  • Action Photography

    Proficiency in RAW captures from an experienced worldwide talent.
  • Custom Imaging

    Attention to detail and imagination for quality impressions.
  • Web Development

    A wide variety of front end and server side scripts.
  • Video Editing

    Assisting to bring dreams into reality.
  • Studio Engineered Audio

    Professional engineers and musicians for auditory excellence.